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MIDI_CAN - Making Music And/Or Noise

MIDI_CAN - Making Music And/Or Noise

28 Apr 2020 - Jake Sherwood

MIDI_CAN we're connected MIDI_CAN - Making Music And/Or Noise Progress #2

MIDI_CAN - Making Music And/Or Noise Progress #2

This week we continued making good progress.

Worked on fab, ALOT of coding, and some music.


One of my todos for the week was to get all 8 capacitive inputs going. Which meant redoing my can.

I fab’d another can (I had extra), taking cue from Noah, wrapping the whole can in the insulation foam and applying the copper tape leaving the backing on and using a different double sided tape.

This technique gives us a much nicer looking capacitive sensors.

Cap Can #2 and #1

I did make one mistake and made my slide sensors too long. With them too long I was unable to comfortably hold the can without touching both sets of sensors.

I had to go in for on the can surgery… Luckily it all worked out without a hitch. I was able to trim down the slide sensors as if nothing ever happened.

Fab’n a Can #2

Code The majority of the coding was spent building out the different modes we wanted.

2)ADSR - need to integrate with midi_can_cap sketch
3)ACT AS POT note shifter - DONE integrated
4)SLIDES as slides or notes - DONE integrated
5)All cap inputs as scale buttons - DONE integrated
6)Record / loop - no MIDI cmds I can find for this - tried Logic key assignment but doesn’t seem to be working.
7)Broadcast n CHANNEL - DONE integrated

Mode selection will be controlled by a rotary encoder on the top of the can.

We’re making use of Jeff Saltzman’s MULTI_CLICK code to add double click, and long press functionality.

Also improved the calibration functions to take a reading of just the can at beginning for use as thresholds throughout the program.

Additionally built out functionality to turn all capacitive inputs into scale buttons. This hopefully will allow us to play something that sounds more like music (still a work in progress.)

As mentioned above it’s still a work in progress. Still trying to find sounds and figure out how to do exactly what we want in Logic.

Here is a recent attempt at making some “music” 🤷‍♂️

Making Music And/Or Noise

1) What is music?(jk)
2) What is the best way to make holes in the can, drill?
3) Anybody have experience using the key assignment feature in Logic?

To Do
1) IN PROGRESS - Add OLED screen & code
2) IN PROGRESS - Add encoder & code
3) Add mode selection capacitive button to the lid of the can & code Not doing
4) Figure out housing of components inside the can
5) Finalize sensor and insulation materials - still waiting…
6) Figure out synchronization
7) Figure out controlling ADSR
8) Figure out network data components and how the control the MIDI DAW / environment
9) IN PROGRESS - build web control portal
10) Fab
11) Make music

1) Figure out what MIDI cmd to use to turn off all sounds on a specific channel
2) Figure out what makes the quantum bass software synth loop, so we can control it This is happing based on combination of ADSR settings
3) Figure out if we can do trace-route Doing on computer with Nodejs server
4) Continue working on capacitive inputs Still need to test lid sensor and new copper material
5) Figure out how to adjust the various MIDI control values (ADSR)
6) Figure out what we’re actually going to play
7) Decide what exactly to send over UDP
8) Figure out how we hear each others music We’re going to send each other various channels
9) Finalize components mostly done here
10) Fab
11) Make music

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