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Instrument Concept

Instrument Concept

07 Apr 2020 - Jake Sherwood

Instrument Concept Instrument Concept

Instrument Concept and Exploration

For the final project for Tangible Interaction we are tasked with building an instrument. Using MIDIusb we need to create something that makes music and is actually “playable.”

Noah and I will be working together on this project.

First Concept pre-remote life
The original idea we had before going remote, was to build a mini synth inside an old Pignose amp.

We were thinking about using sound sensors to detect sounds spatially then record a sample from that direction / location and then play it back into the synth.

This concept sounded fun but didn’t really translate to our new remote environment.

I did get the amp and futzed with it a bit but couldn’t get it to fully work. That will have to be a project for another time…

The PignoseSynth that could have been…

New Concept
The Distant Duet (name still a work in progress)…

Concept: To send data over UDP across the internet to a remote device to create an amorphic collaboration.

Initially we were thinking we would use the number of HOPS to alter the MIDI control settings. Theoretically it will always be variable due to the inconsistencies of the internet.

We haven’t had much luck finding a way to find the HOPS so our back up plan is do do it based on time it takes for a packet to be received.

We are also wanting to have the IP address and the PORT both control additional configurations or sounds.

Both of these data points are configured by the parties / musicians involved and conceptually act as keys to control the other musician’s sounds.

This is a comment on how we collaborate as well as the new found distance between us all.

We have successfully tested sending data to each other over UDP, using the UDPwifi library.

Now we need to decide what exactly we want to play and how the various signals sent across the internet will affect things.

hellooooooooo_beep Sending beeps and bops hellooooooooo_beep Sending beeps and bops

Fab concept
Current working concept is to build 2 identical instruments out of coffee cans.

They will have various inputs.

We’re playing with the idea of using some conductive inputs to change notes and maybe use a capacitive touch input to create a slide effect.

Also have been playing around with FSRs as inputs.

Here are some initial sketches. We were also playing with the idea of using a sardine can. But I think we’ve settled on a coffee can.

Instrument sketches Instrument sketches

Arduino MIDI Exploration

Exploration #3.

Exploration #2.

Exploration #1.

To Do
1) Figure out what we’re actually going to play
2) Decide what exactly to send over UDP
3) Figure out how we hear each others music
4) Finalize components
5) Fab
6) Make music

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