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Hid Progress Report One

Hid Progress Report One

03 Mar 2020 - Jake Sherwood

HID Progress 1 HID Progress 1

HID Progress 1

HID (Human Interface Device.) Progress report #1.

Merged mouse and keyboard functions and added haptics as well as threshold calculations for whip clicks.

Also explored Kalman filters but didn’t see enough of a change to use. See graphs below in the gallery.

Built a couple quick prototypes for the wrist device.

A super low fidelity rubber band rig.
rubber band rig
rubber band rig

Ace band rig.
Ace band rig
Ace band rig

Here are a couple videos of it starting to come together and one early one of what NOT TO DO.

Combining mouse and keyboard.

FIrst on wrist test

what not to do - mouse gone mad.

To Do
1) Clean up code
2) Smooth interactions - it’s sometimes hard to get features / functions to respond quickly
3) Add sleep button - still might use FSR
4) If sleep button added update schematics
5) Finalize wrist band / enclosure design
6) Begin fabbing

User Feedback
1) Raising arm for better gestures (e.g. down) gets tired
2) Takes out of typing zone too much
3) Bit of a learning curve, but fun

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