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Hid Prep

Hid Prep

18 Feb 2020 - Jake Sherwood

HID Concept and prep HID Concept and prep

HID Concept and prep

Our next project for Tangible is a HID (Human Interface Device.)

Here are some initial sketch ideas… and while I really like the “shameless plug” device, I confirmed with Tom that it was too simple.

initial concept sketches
initial concept sketches

Leaning towards a gesture device for app switching, document scrolling etc. Using the Nano 33’s built in IMU. I’ll use the accelerometer x & y tilts to do various keyboard cmds.

I also want to play with certain movements holding the keyboard cmd and allowing me to use mouse.h to move the mouse and make a selection also with the accelerometer.

There will also be buttons on the fingers that will allow for additional functionality. Things like, turning the device on/off or in sleep mode, so it doesn’t interfere with other computer actions. Clicking or selecting other modes.

The buttons on finger will be with FSR rings or potentially with conductive thread in a glove.

hid powerglove sketches
hid powerglove sketches

Some tests with keyboard.h

Test sending keyboard.h cmds from bluetooth app

Test sending keyboard.h cmds based on accelerometer values

What not to do
What not to do - too many windows
What not to do - too many windows

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