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Jekyll Its Alive

Jekyll Its Alive

09 May 2019 - Jake Sherwood

New blog is live with Jekyll!!!

I’ll use the blog to discuss new projects and day to day mumblings. Don’t be surprised if you see posts about Jackson sneak in here too :P.

As I began to look for a simple, low footprint way to add a blog to my site I was happy to find Jekyll.

With years of Wordpress and Drupal experience, I always hated the bloat that comes with those platforms. Not to mention, the constant security holes and required updates, were always a total PITA!!!

Jekyll just seemed like the perfect solution. Easily add a blog, no DB required, completely customizable and it let me mess with Markdown, Liquid and Ruby a bit more, all win wins.

The docs left a little out regarding required software but after a few StackOverflow searches I was up and running. In a little less than a couple hours I had a working blog!

The simplicity of how this all came together is really what makes it great! Keeping blog posts as simple markdown text files is great and minimizes the time needed to do a post. A great workflow simplifier!

Looking forward to following’s tutorial on getting comments up and running.

Also, I’m sure I will be frequenting this tasty morsel often jekyll cheatsheet.

Stay tuned!

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