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Zeal - Celebrate Warmth

Zeal - Celebrate Warmth

16 Mar 2020 - Jake Sherwood

HID Concept and prep

Zeal - Celebrate Warmth - Product Design

Zeal - Celebrate Warmth - 6 week product design exercise

Given a theme and tasked with identifying a human centered need in that theme space, the 6-week product design process was fast pased but also exhilarating.

The process is of defining a problem / opportunity and using various exercises to think outside the box to foster ideation and creative solutions was very enjoyable.

From observations, externalizing data, interviews, correlation of themes, insights, more opportunities, iteration, prototyping, to doing it all over again. Really focusing in on the opportunity, failing, and ultimately having a human centered solution was humbling and educational. Overall a really great experience.

Theme: Urban Mobility
Opportunity: Provide pedestrians a warmer way to walk even in cold/dry weather
Problem Statement: How might we provide pedestrians a warmer way to walk even in cold/dry weather?
Solution: Zeal - Celebrate Warmth

Final Product Prototype Video

Final Slidedeck Presentation

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