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Pcomp Day One

Pcomp Day One

12 Sep 2019 - Jake Sherwood

brain imagination scanner
brain imagination scanner

Intro to Physical Computing Day 1 - 20 Min Prototype

Last week, on our first day in PCOMP, we had to come up with real or fantastical prototype ideas and then group up and develop a rough prototype in 20 mins.

My group decided to do the “brain imagination scanner.” We were tying to pick something weird.

Our rough prototype consisted of a cardboard crown, wire, 3d printer filament, tape and a blender beater. The beater was used as a pico projector, projecting the user’s thoughts. Various wires and “sensors” (cardboard :P) read the user’s thoughts and encoding them for projection.

brain scanner actual
brain scanner actual

Sample use cases:

  1. Scanning one’s imagination for data visualization
  2. Ice breaker - 2 users use brain scanners and have there thoughts have a light hearted battle.

All in all it was a fun first class and the discussions after would about how or what we could/should do differently were informative.

Also our fearless professor Rios dared to get in “The Fear Box.” professor Rios in fear box
professor Rios in fear box

**note - brain scanner gif luma affect added in giphy

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