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Slams A Self-Portrait

Slams A Self-Portrait

15 Sep 2020 - Jake Sherwood

Someone(s) trying to get in Slams A Self-Portrait

Slams A Self-Portrait

The first assignment for LiveWeb was to use html5 video or audio elements to create a self portrait.

I decided to base mine around my love for skateboarding.

The user is prompted to guess how many major injuries I’ve had. They are then shown a number of “slam” clips based on the the number they guessed.

If you guess correctly you can watch additional videos where you can learn a little more about me and my family.

Slams A Self-Portrait

After guessing incorrectly three times you are able to watch a full edit of me actually landing tricks.

Making the slams clip worked the way I wanted required me to make an edit of slams and then timecode them all out and add the timestamps to an array matching the number the user guessed.

Full onepage experience here Slams A Self-Portrait

I also worked a bit to make it responsive. It works, but is still best on desktop. Mostly due to how iOS handles videos.

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