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16 Sep 2020 - Jake Sherwood - Collaborative art - Collaborative art - Collaborative art is a collaborative art community.

Weekly themes presented for inspiration or start up your own piece.

Build off of the last person’s piece and see how the artwork organically grows.

Data Art Gallery - from their site:

Visual Conversations has created a new digital art form in which artists around the world spontaneously achieve artistic unity together, in spite of language, distance, nationality or other artificial boundaries.

Visual conversations are like jazz improvisations, with many different artists working in harmony towards one melody.

The collaborative aspect of this and the fact that it is built on a crypto platform that pays back to the artists is very interesting.

Here is an example of the interface. You have to have a user account to log in and create. The interface leaves a litte to be desired but they say they are working on an iPad app.

dada art interface

Here is an example of one contribution I made. Portion on the right is mine. I thought the previous artist’s piece looked somewhat like a snail so I continued that imagery.

dada art example

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