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08 Sep 2019 - Jake Sherwood

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Computation… over and over and over again… For over 3 decades my passion has been skateboarding. I have a number of other “hobbies” that I am also passionate about but nothing compares to skateboarding.

When assigned to write about how I have “computation” in some aspect of my life, skating was the easy choice.

Nothing else, have I tried and failed as many times as in skateboarding.

Each failure is met with a minor tweak. Trajectory, speed, force… minor shifts on each approach over and over…and over again until you land the trick. Trying to get my brain body computer to compute the proper way to land this trick each time getting a bit closer.

Somedays you never land the trick and you’re forced to come back another day and try again.

There’s something about the process of refinement. The payoff in the end being the sweet victory of finally landing the trick.

Always the mental conversation of… “just 3 more tries…” 50 tries later I’ll still be trying.

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