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Battle Royale

Battle Royale

24 Sep 2019 - Jake Sherwood

Wei and Jake\'s collaborative sketch
Wei and Jake’s collaborative sketch

ICM - WEEK 3 - Group coding project - Batte Royale

Canvas of final work at bottom

Our week 3 assignment was to pair up and do a collaborative coding project.

The format was pretty loose. We could do the whole thing together, pass it back and forth or do a collage of sorts.

My partner was Wei and she had the great idea of doing portrait of ourselves and having them battle.

We decided we’d do some work and then exchange sketches and let the other person add something.

It was a great lesson in writing readable code. And making sure things were clear, so someone else could come in and make changes… also shift + tab are your friend.

Wei’s drawing was super rad, with this bouncing kitty as protection. Wei\'s drawing of herself and protection kitty
Wei’s super rad drawing

MAN! Why didn’t I think of that!!!?!

My drawing was basically me on a skateboard and when you click the canvas I become a skate ninja.

It was fun but really mind-bending to get some of the arc, translate, and rotate functions to behave.

Jake the skate ninja
Jake the skate ninja

I thought Wei’s drawing of herself looked like a sorcerous. So I decided to give her a magical staff.

Wei with magical staff
Wei with magical staff

The staff gets taller and shimmers when you enter “battle mode.”

I also stitched the two sketches together, added some background and adjusted Wei’s additions slightly. She had another great idea to make the skateboard move as a weapon. I liked it but I thought it needed some delay. So I added a simple count down conditional before throwing the skateboard.

countDown = 80;
    if (countDown < 0){
    //console.log(" ninja go");

All in all it was great fun, but please please please tell me there is some secret trick to make these translate functions make more sense…

Final p5.js sketch link:

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