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Solar Ideation

Solar Ideation

29 Mar 2021 - Jake Sherwood

solar ideation Solar Ideation

Solar Ideation

For the second half of energy I will be focusing on a solar project.

I toyed with a number of ideas but the one the stuck the most was making another sculpture that moved.

The current plan is to make a flower that blooms with the power of the sun… just like in real life lol.

The movement will be controlled when the solar cell has collected enough energy or reaches a certain threshold set to create the movement.

The solar bloom is inspired by works by Anthony Castronovo’s Solar Sculpture and Dan Corson’s Nepenthes Paisleyi. My solar flower will have a leaf with solar cells for power and 5 petals that will spin open once enough power has been absorbed.

Once it reaches a certain minimal power threshold it will close back up and wait for the next charge.

solar bloom sketch solar bloom sketch

This will be the second flower I have made, here’s the first. That one bloomed by people working together, this one will bloom via the sun. Ideally this one will also be a collaboration with my mom to make glass flower petals.

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