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Measurement and Kinetic Energy

Measurement and Kinetic Energy

15 Feb 2021 - Jake Sherwood

Measurement and Kinetic Energy Measurement and Kinetic Energy

Measurement and Kinetic Energy

For the first half of Energy class I will be exploring two areas, measurement and kinetic energy.

I have a number of Raspberry Pi Bitcoin nodes running, with various attached storage and cooling fans. I thought it would be an interesting exercise to measure the differences in power energy usage.

I have a few Eufy smart plugs which will allow me to monitor kwh consumed so I plan to plug them and and monitor the usage for each.

eufy smart plug eufy smart plug

raspberry pi node 1 raspberry pi node 1raspberry pi node 2 raspberry pi node 2

For my kinetic energy project I’d like to build a kinetic sculpture using an electromagnet. For a while I’ve wanted to experiment with electromagnets and this seemed like a good opportunity. Inspired by works from Ivan Black, David C. Roy, and Takis, I’m interested in shapes and movement.

The plan is to build a electromagnet that is powered by battery, crank, and / or hydroturbine. Ideally I would be hanging various metal sculpture pieces over the electromagnet and experiment with how the shapes and power source affect the motion.

Here are a few sketches of potential metal sculptures using materials I already have.
potential metal shapes / sculptures potential metal shapes / sculptures

And a sketch of the housing and support of the Sculpture
sculpture housing sculpture housing

And a couple magnet experiments.
magnet motor magnet motor

magnet movement magnet movement

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